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Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture The Mats

Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture The Mats
Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture The Mats

Laque Couture The Maths Limited Edition YSL, extreme shine

Founded in 1961 by Yves Saint Laurent, the couture house of the same name is the symbol of luxury , non-conformism and also Parisian elegance. Yves Saint Laurent reinvents the female wardrobe, the tuxedo, the Saharan or even the male suit! He will shock on several occasions, first of all by posing naked to present a perfume, but also thanks to fragrances in particular “Opium”. Its line of cosmetics has been designed like all its creations, with audacity and innovation. Here, the YSL house presents “La Laque Couture The Mats Limited Edition YSL”.

The Laque Couture The Mats Limited Edition YSL, a varnish a perfect hold

With Laque Couture The Mats nail polish, you touch a haute couture varnish with your fingers , with the couturier’s iconic colors (orange, red, pink). The color of your nail polish, symbol of absolute femininity for YSL, is intense thanks to a high concentration of pigments. In addition, Laque Couture The Mats varnish has high-tech polymers combined with micromirrors, which gives your nails a deep intensity and lasting shine.

The varnish also has a Laque Couture care more intense . Indeed, it contains rose oil from Chile and calcium. Its hold is thus reinforced and your varnish lasts longer. Your nails are beautiful and protected. Laque Couture The Mats varnish is very easy to apply thanks to its custom-made brush. It will also dry very quickly for optimal hold. Apply a single coat of varnish for a natural result. To accentuate the intensity of the color and to obtain a matte finish, apply a second coat of varnish.

Thanks to an integrated care, the nail polish Laque Couture The Mats YSL ensures you an irreproachable hold of the longest. Its care will also give your nails an intense color and a dazzling shine.