The very successful bottle of Mon Paris YSL

The very successful bottle of Mon Paris YSL
The very successful bottle of Mon Paris YSL

The refined look of Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Bottling is much more than bottling a perfume. It is an art in its own right. This serves to glorify all the olfactory collections of the greatest perfumers and to enhance these juices which are sometimes considered to be vintages. Objects of desire in their own right, perfume boxes serve to enhance the quality of their content. This is why Yves Saint Laurent does not hesitate to call on the best craftsmen in order to shape the aesthetics of his fragrant works. Also, Mon Paris is no exception to this rule . If its smell is captivating, its design, meanwhile, is just as spectacular.

The packaging of Mon Paris

Before even looking at its bottle, let’s first take a look at its pretty cardboard box. Indeed, it is also very neat. It goes perfectly with the bottle of the perfume itself. The colors are the same and combine in perfect harmony. The front of Mon Paris is designed in a very feminine pink purple color. This is framed by a fine black border reminiscent of the side faces of this packaging. Indeed, it plays on a game of contrasts and opposition. Smooth pink on one side is juxtaposed with embossed black on the other. Likewise, the whole is still marked by a golden writing, a sign of refinement., and coming to inscribe on the whole the name of this prestigious perfume. Finally, of course, the famous three letters of the Maison Yves Saint-Laurent (YSL) are present on the front. They extend in an elongated way for a very modern and refined rendering. So what can this alluring cardboard box contain?

The new bottle from the Yves Saint-Laurent house

In terms of the bottle, Mon Paris is undeniably inspired by its predecessor, Paris, created in 1983. In this sense, it perpetuates the heritage of the Haute Parfumerie bottling tradition of yesteryear. Nevertheless, its silhouette is now more modern. Its many facets of yesteryear have given way to larger cut-outs. For the record, know that this is a tribute to one of the tuxedo jackets dear to Yves Saint Laurent. In addition, the thick glass of this bottle evokes the audacity and the material of this rectangular garment. The contours of Mon Paris, on the other hand, are designed with full curves. Their delicate curves are reminiscent of a woman’s shoulders. The whole then rests on a solid base well anchored in the ground. My Paris is still sublimated with a tie tied at its collar. This one is made from a delicate black silk ribbon and is also adorned with two more rock ‘n’ roll leather ties.. Finally, for more elegance, this bow is embellished with a golden Cassandre. The stopper of Mon Paris, meanwhile, is designed in transparency, allowing us to glimpse its most contemporary chrome spray.

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