The return of the Courrèges La Fille de l’Air perfume box

The return of the Courrèges La Fille de l'Air perfume box
The return of the Courrèges La Fille de l’Air perfume box

La Fille de l’Air, the floral fragrance of Courrèges returns in a box

La Fille de l’Air de Courrèges is aimed at all women of today. Indeed, it must be recognized that women’s daily life has greatly evolved over the past decades. Women now live several lives at the same time. They have gradually changed and are today just as effective in their personal life as professional. Their daily lives overlap and women sometimes dream of being able to be in several places simultaneously. A true travel companion, La Fille de l’Air is a juice that speaks to us from here and elsewhere . It is a symbol of liveliness and is now offered in a unique box.

La Fille de l’Air, a fresh and well-structured fragrance

La Fille de l’Air is a fragrance that goes to the essentials and responds to a fairly short formula. Thus, it is devoid of all superfluous, like most Courrèges products. It first takes off on a fresh and zesty scent of bergamot. Then, neroli and orange blossom give this fragrance a more solar side. This luminosity finally lands on an amber cloud of white musk. This raw material gives this perfume a feeling of softness and comfort. Finally, woody notes of cedar leave a memorable imprint in the memory.

The Courrèges box

Like the La Fille de l’Air bottle, the Courrèges set is revealed in an elegant orange hue. It comes in different versions. The first contains the La Fille de l’Air spray in a 50 ml format, combined with a body lotion and a travel bottle. The other set contains the same bottle but comes with a body emulsion and shower gel.

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