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The composition of Azzaro Wanted

The composition of Azzaro Wanted
The composition of Azzaro Wanted

The Eau de Toilette Azzaro Wanted is described as a juice multifaceted. This reveals its solar, woody, fresh and spicy scent. He leaves behind a real aura of mystery and sensuality. However, if this result is based on the association of increasingly noble and luxurious raw materials, it is also the fruit of successful chemical work. What is more, it also emanates from a real ecological and environmental concern on the part of Azzaro. In addition, Wanted is designed with the utmost respect for sustainable development channels.

What is in the composition of Wanted perfume?

Wanted displays a very elaborate scent. However, its composition does not escape the classic rules of perfumery. This consists of a concentrated fragrant part. This is also called “perfuming” and combines many essential oils. It is in particular of this part that one speaks when one evokes the fragrance of a perfume. Likewise, a fixer is most often present in base notes and allows the essences to last over time. In this case, Wanted contains vetiver, a stubborn ingredient that is considered to be an excellent fixative. Likewise, Wanted Eau de Toilette contains ethanol, an ingredient that has the advantage of dissolving the odorous compounds of perfumes while retaining their original odor. What is more, it is a very volatile material, evaporating easily leaving only the actual perfume on the skin. Finally, this alcohol ensures the good conservation of the essences. Also, as Wanted is an Eau de Toilette, know that this means that it contains between 6 to 12% of perfume concentrate. Nevertheless, its ingredients as well as the expertise of Azzaro make it a particularly tenacious eau de toilette.

Azzaro’s values ​​in terms of sustainable development

Moreover, although Azzaro is above all a commercial company, it should be noted that it is faithful to many

s values ​​that are dear to him . Indeed, the brand has become aware of the importance of local populations in the creation of its perfumes. Thus, Azzaro is gradually developing numerous programs aimed at promoting the most disadvantaged populations . In particular, it improves their living environment and ensures their economic development by setting up local production units. Thus, the vetiver and cardamom of the Wanted perfumeare produced exclusively by sustainable development channels. Indeed, Azzaro believes that aid to the poorest should not be deployed only in emergencies. For the brand, it is rather a long-term project and a solution ensuring the development of populations in the future. Thus, Wanted is not content with being a perfume loaded with an exquisite scent, it also conveys values ​​and is part of an approach that respects the surrounding world. More than ever, Azzaro places man at the heart of his concerns. What is more, this approach makes it possible to combine the useful with the pleasant. Indeed, it has something to seduce many consumers and at the same time promotes communication at home .