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The benefits of water in Super Aqua by Guerlain

The benefits of water in Super Aqua by Guerlain
The benefits of water in Super Aqua by Guerlain

It is not without reason that our beautiful planet Earth is called the “blue planet”. Indeed, from space, it is water that essentially gives the color of our planet. However, it represents only a tiny fraction of its mass and more exactly 0, 023% of its weight. Nevertheless, water remains the most important element of our system because it is the source of life. Without the latter it is impossible for us to survive for more than a few days. This is why Guerlain was inspired by the benefits of this extraordinary natural element to create an assortment of very elaborate products: the Super Aqua Range.

The power of hydration according to Guerlain

Guerlain considers water to be a true “blue gold”. Indeed, this scarce resource that we try at all costs to preserve is essential to life. However, it remains fragile and can become toxic to humans so soon that it becomes polluted. Also, today it is water in its purest form that Guerlainput forward. The brand’s research laboratories have thus created the Aquacomplex, a water purifying system that offers this ingredient in its clearest form in order to restructure the epidermis. The products of the Super Aqua range thus help to fight against everyday aggressions. Thanks to them, the skin appears softer and age no longer seems to have any hold on it. Indeed, day after day, our body is exposed to external factors that weaken and tarnish it considerably. Super Aqua products will therefore form a kind of natural barrier to limit these undesirable effects and to preserve the youthfulness of the epidermis in the long term.

The benefits of the Super Aqua range

The Super Aqua Range provides intense hydration suitable for all skin types. Dermatological tests have thus proven that 92% of women using this product find soft and supple skin from the first use. Likewise, these immediate satisfaction tests proved that 75% of users noticed the reappearance of a smoother surface of their skin. In addition, the Super Aqua Range does not just provide water to the epidermis. It also limits its evaporation on a daily basis. This increases your body’s water reserves. However, the thickness of the water mattress is one of the elements guaranteeing the rebound of the skin. You will never have seemed so radiant, as soothed and revitalized. 97% of women who have tried this product say they are satisfied. After one month of using the products of theSuper Aqua range, most say they are very happy with the result, observing their skin smoother, luminous, radiant and plumped. Your only challenge is then to choose the product that suits your desires from this large collection capable of satisfying all needs. Guerlain will then take care of the rest …