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Pop Liquid Matte, the new Clinique weapon of seduction

Pop Liquid Matte, the new Clinique weapon of seduction
Pop Liquid Matte, the new Clinique weapon of seduction

Lipstick is a staple in the makeup department that comes in all kinds of ways to always offer more fantasy. Creative houses always compete for a little more inventiveness to sublimate your mouth. Thus, these last years have seen the appearance of lip markers allowing to color the mouth thanks to kinds of stabilos, lip inks forming a kind of water infused with pigments or even tinted balms playing discretion, shine and comfort. . In the same vein, Clinique has just unveiled its brand new product: Pop Liquid Matte . The latter is nothing other than a lacquer for the lips, enough to combine in the same product an invigorating freshness, a radiant color and an exemplary hold.

The intensely shiny color of Pop Liquid Matte

Clinique Pop Liquid Matte is a revolutionary product that echoes the previous Clinique Pop collection from last year. It displays the same intensity of color while enriching it with innovative care and extraordinary shine. Pop Liquid Matte is a kind of lip polish combining the intense color of a classic lipstick with the shine of a gloss.

Likewise, Pop Liquid Matte is embellished with incomparable lightness, instantly plunging your mouth into absolute comfort. Its ultra pigmented color lasts for six hours and comes in six different shades. Pop Liquid Matte leaves behind a long lasting wet effect. What’s more, its texture allows it to glide on the skin which greatly facilitates its application. In addition, its applicator with a foam tip delivers the right amount of product appropriate for your makeup. Likewise, the latter has been specially designed to ensure the precision of your gestures and the display of its texture worthy of a true professional. Pop Liquid Matte thus resonates as a particularly innovative weapon endowed with an intense mat color for a shiny effect in a single gesture.

Clinique integrates a treatment into its composition

In addition, note that above all, Clinique is a brand specializing in the development of care. Thus, each of its products, including the make-up section, is dermatologically tested. Each of them undergoes a whole panel of anti-allergy tests carried out on at least 7,200 individuals. Also, in order to enhance the beauty of your mouth, Pop Liquid Matte is accompanied by a smoothing base. This deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin, which helps to give you smoother lips. Thus, your mouth becomes even more radiant over its uses. Likewise, this exceptional treatment has the effect of increasing the adhesion of the varnish on the skin and improving its hold.

Finally, for a little practical advice, be careful not to spread the Pop Liquid Matte as close as possible to the edge of your lips. This will give a bitten lip effect to your mouth making it an undeniable asset of seduction!