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New fragrance Obsessed for Men Intense

New fragrance Obsessed for Men Intense
New fragrance Obsessed for Men Intense

Obsessed For Men Intense, an intense pulsation by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a major fashion and perfume brand. She owes her reputation to her deceptively relaxed but always refined style. Yes, but not only… Calvin Klein is also known for her love of androgyny. Since the 90s, the brand has championed the mix of genres. Women and men intertwine and Calvin Klein celebrates their bond. Moreover, CK One, one of his bestsellers , is considered the androgynous perfume par excellence. Even today, the brand has decided to repeat the experience. Obsessed For Men Intense is a masculine scent, but it does not hesitate to wrap itself in a typically feminine vanilla. The result is a particularly vibrant condensed sensuality.

Obsession, a long-standing story at Calvin Klein

Like androgyny, obsession is also a common thread for the house of Calvin Klein. It all started in 1985 when the brand created a very first fragrance called Obsession. The idea was through him to evoke “all the sensuality and ardor of a woman given over to passion”. Then, a year later, Calvin Klein developed a male counterpart: Obsession For Men. “Men have always been driven by their passions, explained Calvin Klein, that of their work, or that of their love. I wanted to create a scent, he said, which exalts this flame and this determination ”. While times have changed, this is still true today. It is therefore logical that Calvin Klein decided to repeat the experience by creating an eau de toilette called Obsessed For Men in 2017.. Obsessed For Men Intense is just one more vibrant version of it.

The evolution of the Calvin Klein bottle for Obsessed

The shape of the Obsessed For Men Intense bottle also stems from this story. For the very first Obsession, Calvin Klein decided to call on Pierre Dinand. He asked her to “give Obsession curves evocative of sensuality”. However, this is precisely all that can still be found today in the bottle of Obsessed For Men Intense. This juice is synonymous with generosity and its round shape also echoes the first letter of its name. Its shape makes it easy to grip and its robustness combines wonderfully with masculine power. Obsessed For Men from 2017 was fully transparent to echo its freshness. Today, as it is all about intensity, Obsessed For Men Intense is covered with an opaque black lacquer revealing power and mystery.

Obsessed For Men Intense a mysterious blend of vanilla and black amber

On the scent side, Obsessed For Men Intense dares many contrasts. This scent takes off on a fresh start of rhubarb and grapefruit. This fruity liveliness is nevertheless counterbalanced by the incandescence of the sichuan pepper. The heart of Obsession For Men, meanwhile, brings together the softness of cashmere and the depth of cedar leaves. Finally, Obsessed For Men Intense ends with a sweet and warm base of black vanilla, amber, gaiac wood and gurjan balm.