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New fragrance L’Extase Rose Absolue

New fragrance L'Extase Rose Absolue
New fragrance L’Extase Rose Absolue

The new erotic spell of L’Extase Rose Absolue by Nina Ricci

Ricci Ricci is an urban and sensual woman. Nina, on the other hand, is a modern day fairy tale heroine. Anaïs Anaïs is a poetic young girl. However, if each Nina Ricci woman has her own perfume, L’Extase is by far the most sensual of all. This one saw the light of day in 2015 and very quickly metamorphosed into L’Extase Caresse de Rose , in 2016. Also, at the start of 2017, it is back in a version more electrifying and erotic than ever. . Nina Ricci takes us into an incredible game of seduction in the heart of the dark night. Prepare to welcome Nina Ricci’s new temptation called L’Extase Rose Absolue.

The incandescent sensuality of L’Estase Rose Absolue

To create the perfume L’Extase Rose Absolue, Nina Ricci once again trusted the perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. In addition, it is to him that we owe the first two versions of this juice, L’Extase and L’Extase Caresse de Rose. Here, he chose to rework around the theme of the rose, taking us on an “imaginary journey. Going from daring to revelation and igniting the intimacy of a woman so that her confidences are transformed into perfume ”.

The rose always shows itself very feminine but more impertinent than ever. Thus, it is accompanied by the spicy aspect of black pepper and that of pink pepper. Then, everything softens and is enveloped by a more creamy and woody shade of atlas cedar. It is then at this moment that sensuality really makes its appearance in a wake oscillating between oriental musks and sweet vanilla. Benzoin finishes making it as soft as a caress while patchouli elegantly builds this fragrance.

Laetitia Casta as the face of Nina Ricci

In addition, as we do not change a winning team, Nina Ricci also took over the same muse to carry out her advertising campaign, namely the talented Laetitia Casta. In addition, it was illustrated in a first advertisement for this perfume in 2015, making fantasize more than one man around the globe. We then had the pleasure of discovering her naked, basking in white sheets and giving free rein to her imagination. Also, given that L’Extase Rose Absolue is already announced as a “sensual and incandescent” perfume, it is a safe bet that the new advertising for this perfume could not be more carnal.

The new nocturnal bottle of L’Extase Caresse de Rose

Finally, L’Extase Rose Absolue will be delivered to us in a bottle very similar to that of its predecessors. This one will recall in particular the famous Couture clutch by Nina Ricci. On the other hand, her dark mauve gradient glass dress will give way to a more intense black and simply crossed with golden finishes. Likewise, the delicacy of a black satin ribbon will slip over its collar for a particularly feminine and bewitching look.