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Mon Guerlain: the perfume embodied by Angelina Jolie

Mon Guerlain: the perfume embodied by Angelina Jolie
Mon Guerlain: the perfume embodied by Angelina Jolie

Mon Guerlain, a blend of refinement and authenticity

After having seduced the whole world with its perfume La Petite Robe Noire, the Guerlain house could not stop there! Thus, this prestigious brand has just announced the release of a brand new fragrance called Mon Guerlain. It does not shy away from its international ambition while giving pride of place to the extraordinary heritage of the Guerlain house. A true compendium of femininity and sensuality, it already promises to seduce many women on the planet, whether thanks to its scent or its very refined visual.

A fragrance worthy of all of Guerlain’s know-how

Mon Guerlain is a fragrance resulting from five generations of exceptional perfumers who have succeeded one another at the head of the Guerlain house and who have traveled the world in search of the most beautiful raw materials. This seems to contain the best of nature to deliver an absolute of poetry to women. He is the embodiment of a “strong, free and sensual femininity”. Its fragrance is immediately sublimated by an aromatic and Mediterranean facet of Carla de Provence lavender, one of the best varieties in the world. This is associated with the freshness of bergamot before quickly evolving towards a more floral heart. My Guerlain contains sambac jasmine from India and iris. This juice finally warms up little by little in its base. It is wrapped in Australian sandalwood and New Guinea vanilla. The result is a very generous juice.

The historic bottle of Mon Guerlain

Likewise, on the bottle side, Guerlain has chosen to pay tribute to its history. Indeed, Mon Guerlain comes to curl up in a case created in 1908 by Guerlain. It quickly established itself as the emblematic bottle of the brand. Very inspired by an old pharmacy jar, it rests on a solid glass base, giving us a glimpse of a very feminine tender pink juice. Its collar, meanwhile, is covered with a gold ornament. Finally, the whole is surmounted by a stopper in hemispheres forming four lobes, hence its name of “quadrilobed” bottle. Strong lines then contrast with its sensual curves, perfectly expressing the duality of contemporary women.

The new prestige muse of Mon Guerlain

What is more, note that Guerlain did not skimp on the means in terms of muse. The news has already spread around the world and the Mon Guerlain perfume will indeed be embodied by the talented actress Angelina Jolie. This one signs here her very first role of muse. A woman of heart, she has chosen to donate her entire fee to charities close to her heart. With it, the Guerlain house is showing more than ever its international ambitions. The brand has just unveiled its advertising clip called “Notes of a woman”, a real dive into the intimacy of the actress.

Finally, if you are already conquered by the tenderness of this perfume, know that it is also available in the form of a body milk and a shower gel.

The news has just fallen and is already on one of all the magazines: Guerlain has just offered itself one of its greatest muses ! Indeed, from next March, it is one of the most famous American actresses on the planet who will lend her image to this renowned brand. The beautiful Angélina Jolie will be the face of a brand new perfume called Mon Guerlain. This promises to be a particularly glamorous comeback …

The eventful year of Angelina Jolie

Beyond the incredible talent of actress Angélina Jolie, if this collaboration is talked about a lot, it is also because the actress has had a very eventful year. Indeed, it was marked by the announcement of his divorce from actor Brad Pitt. However, the latter formed one of the most glamorous couples on the planet people.

It is therefore in a new particularly poetic role that the actress has chosen to make her comeback. The announcement was made Monday, January 23 on the Guerlain Instagram account which has no less than 500,000 subscribers. The publication was then embellished with a sublime black and white shot of the actress, posing naked, from behind and against the light. His portrait being immediately recognizable, the news spread at lightning speed!

What is more, the whole was embellished with a caption indicating: “Guerlain Parfumeur, the French brand since 1828, is honored to announce that Angelina Jolie is the face of its new fragrance for women # Mon Guerlain “. This is something to delight both Guerlain fans and those of the talented Angélina Jolie, which already represents a good number of people in the world!

Angélina Jolie, Guerlain muse for a good cause

The amount of the fee paid by Guerlain to Angélina Jolie has not been disclosed. On the other hand, the actress announced that she would donate all the sums collected to charities. Indeed, Angélina Jolie is particularly famous for her kindness and her humanitarian commitment.

Femme généreuse et mère d’une famille nombreuse dans laquelle ses enfants ont été adoptés aux quatre coins du monde, celle-ci se bat en faveur de diverses actions. Elle lutte notamment contre la violence faite aux femmes et les conditions de vie déplorables des réfugiés dans les zones de conflit. Qui plus est, le fait de travailler pour Guerlain a pour elle une connotation toute particulière.

En effet, sa mère, décédée en 2007, aimait se parfumer avec les produits de l’enseigne. En outre, Angélina Jolie dit se rappeler plus particulièrement d’une poudre parfumée Guerlain qui inondait le corps de sa mère lorsqu’elle était enfant. Nul ne sait encore, en revanche, quelle sera vraiment la teneur de ce nouveau parfum. Celui-ci sera confectionné par le nez exclusif de Guerlain, Thierry Wasser, qui a toutefois bien voulu confier qu’il s’agirait d’une essence à base de vanille et de lavande.