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Ivory or the magic of Balmain

Ivory or the magic of Balmain
Ivory or the magic of Balmain

Ivoire, a time machine imagined by Balmain

The Ivory that we know today dates from 2012. However, the origin of this perfume is much older. It was actually created in 1931 by Francis Camail. Then, it was taken over in 1979 by Balmain. Finally, it was only thirty years later that the fashion house decided to revive this must of 80s perfumery, thanks to perfumers Michel Almairac and Jacques Flori. We then find all the luxury and elegance of the brand to which Olivier Rousteing has added a touch of sensitivity combined with contemporary and very Parisian energy.

Ivory, an essence born out of love

In 1979, Pierre Balmaindecided to use an essence from 1931 called Ivoire. This was a masterpiece of elegance and femininity and he therefore decided to republish it in memory of a beautiful stranger crossed at the foot of the stairs of the Opera. “That’s the name I gave to a dream,” he said. The name of a woman of sovereign beauty, adorned with very pale silk. I passed her for a moment at the foot of the Opera stairs before she disappeared into the night. I remember her hat and her perfume… ”Also, Ivoire is the fruit of a meeting that is as fleeting as it is intense. This timeless essence, however, fell into disuse until 2012. It was at this point that designer Oliver Rousteing decided to revisit it. Also, to better understand the rebirth of Ivory, we have to look in the history of the Balmain house. When Olivier Rousteing took over the artistic direction, the brand’s image was modernized. However, he made sure to stay true to the heritage of the house, retaining its share of luxury and French elegance while adding a more contemporary touch. For him, “Ivoire 2012 embodies the perfect translation of today’s Balmain woman , with this heritage, this touch of nostalgia and this remarkable modernity ”.

Balmain dust off a sublime green chypre

The 2012 Ivory version is the result of the work of Michel Almairac and Jacques Flori. It is therefore somewhat different from its predecessors while retaining their history. The fragrance has simply been recomposed and readjusted. Also, it begins with a less aldehyde and less spicy grip. We now feel more the scent of violet, combined with the femininity of jasmine and rose as well as the luminosity of orange blossom. In addition, the mandarin also gives it a certain dynamism. This then only completes the burst of galbanum, both green and biting. However, it is softened by a hint of ylang-ylang. Finally, the base is more chypre and consists of patchouli, vetiver and cedar. These ingredients are linked by a delicate vanilla scent. Otherwise, the bottle is also not identical to the original. It is also more modern. It is still square in shape but this time swaps its sheath in favor of the transparency of a glass cut in clean and modern lines. Its cap rests on an ivory ring, echoing the color of the juice and the label.