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Guerlain’s New Christmas Makeup Look

Guerlain's New Christmas Makeup Look
Guerlain‘s New Christmas Makeup Look

Guerlain lifts the veil on its Holliday 2017 Collection

Summer has barely left us when we already have to think about Christmas! Moreover, the house of Guerlain is not left out and has just revealed to us what its next look would be for the end of year 2017 celebrations. The first images of this festive make-up have just been unveiled on the account Instagram of the brand and the make-up of Guerlain promises to be particularly festive. So how about finding out more about this new limited collection that will make you the most beautiful of the New Year?

Guerlain takes over the Art Deco trend

This year, Guerlain has decided to take us back in time and take us to the heart of Paris during the Roaring Twenties. Thus, the Christmas Makeup Collection 2017 takes on airs very inspired by the Art Deco style. The packaging of its makeup products is both luxurious and gold, decorated with multiple ornaments inspired by this era.

Through this collection, Guerlain wanted to pay tribute to the Americans who settled in Paris in the midst of the artistic whirlwind of the 1920s. At that time, the party was in full swing and it is precisely this feeling of typically Parisian effervescence that we find in this new range of makeup.

The star products of the 2017 Guerlain Christmas makeup collection

The Gold Palette

The Gold Palette is a blend of six different compact powders, both neutral and earthy, sometimes pearly and sparkling. Each of them offers a different finish. What’s more, their textures allow their color to be modulated to a greater or lesser extent by moistening your makeup brush beforehand. Likewise, these powders are applied in one or more coats.

They allow you to create unique looks and play your charms with more or less intensity. This product is presented to us in a lacquered compact decorated with stylized palm leaf motifs.

Gold Pearl Meteorites

At the same time, Guerlain’s famous Meteorites are back in a new version. These small powder pearls consist of golden shades, both white, yellow, pink or champagne. In contact with your makeup brush, they will deliver their unique and enveloping combination, sublimating your face with a shining halo of light. What is more, we must recognize that Guerlain has also done an excellent job in terms of design. The Gold Pearl Meteorites are revealed in a very refined box with a golden and very vintage look.

La Terracotta Gold Bronzer Bronze

Guerlain’s famous Terracotta is also back in a new, more luxurious case adorned with an elegant pattern of scales typical of Art Deco. Its light texture offers a very natural finish and will give your face a bronze look. So you will appear to have sunk in the sun, even around Christmas time!

Rouge G in two new colors

Guerlain’s famous Rouge G lipstick is also back in two exclusive shades created in limited edition for the Holliday 2017 Collection. The two new shades offered by Guerlain are called Glamourous Cherry and Flaming Red and intend to dazzle those around you with their radiant shades and slightly glittery.

The Gold Light Top Coat

Finally, to amplify your gaze, the Gold Light Top Coat completes this collection and intends to dress the end of your lashes or the angle of your gaze with its golden shine. With it, your eyelash will no longer go unnoticed!