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Guerlain and the many benefits of Abeille Royale

Guerlain and the many benefits of Abeille Royale
Guerlain and the many benefits of Abeille Royale

Guerlain has never ceased to highlight natural beauty. The main ambition of this brand which is part of the French heritage is to highlight authentic femininity. For this, the Guerlain house has resorted to rich natural products sewn together with multiple active ingredients. Guerlain’s Abeille Royale range has taken the best of bee royal jelly to make sublimating cosmetic products. Thanks to them, your skin regains its eternal youth. Wrinkles are filled, the skin tightens and thus regains all its firmness.

The use of royal jelly by Guerlain

Bee production is one of the most effective natural healing agents in the world. The virtues of this product are no longer to be proven and Guerlain therefore looked into it to develop a range of cosmetics. Royal jelly is a natural element that consists of 66% water, 13% protein, 14% carbohydrate, 5% fat and 2% other substances. You will understand, it is a concentrate of multiple vital elements. What’s more, royal jelly is also full of many B vitamins, trace elements and minerals. This miracle product thus has multiple benefits and is known for its rapid effectiveness. This powerful conditioner provides the body with many directly assimilable elements. So, if royal jelly has a direct effect on morale as well as physical and intellectual performance, it is also an ideal product for the skin, hair and nails. In addition, it makes it possible to resist external aggressions and in particular the cold.Guerlain then chose to use this miracle product to stimulate the key mechanisms of the skin healing process. This system also makes it possible to repair the epidermis continuously and to reduce wrinkles while increasing tissue firmness.

Abeille Royale, products resulting from multiple research

Whether it’s Dailly Repair Serum, Nutrition Day Cream, the Night Cream, Eye Care or Correcting Serum from the Abeille Royale range by Guerlain, each of the products in this assortment signed Guerlain is the result of very successful research. Guerlain has indeed found that stress and UV rays are responsible for 70% of the signs of aging. These promote micro tears in the skin and make it lose firmness. This is why Guerlain has made every effort to repair tears in the dermis. The brand then looked at one of the products considered to be the best healing in the world. What is more, the Abeille Royale range from Guerlain is surprising in terms of speed of effectiveness. Tests have shown a 47% increase in repair efficiency on DNA just 24 hours after its application. Thanks to the Abeille Royale collection of products, skin has never been so smooth. Fine lines and wrinkles have never been so minimized and beauty becomes more radiant.