Sultan Musk Attar Perfume Oil

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Sultan Musk Attar Perfume Oil is a fragrance by Ensar Oud. The notes of this fragrance are Muskrat, post-coital sweat, Grapefruit, Animalics, Siberian musk, Exotic Pepper, civet, cumin, Japanese Rose

Sultan Musk Attar Perfume Oil
Sultan Musk Attar Perfume Oil


All spiced up and sumptuous. A sensual, naturalistic aroma that smells of animal yet enthralls with its beauty. This is the scent of a passionate caress. From Siberian musk-infused Santal Royale to exotic pepper extracts that smell muskier than muskrat, splashes of post-coital sweat, grapefruit and animalics emerge that take you to a proper bestial muskiness accentuated by civet, cumin, and other highly problematic aromatics. They merge into an ultra-steroidal foundation for the floral notes. After the floral notes quieten, the soft basmati rice emerges, the baby skin effect of a perfect musky drydown.
A special Japanese rose injects the risqué with enough romantique to let the scent share the bed with the ballroom; featured here alongside a trio of Himalayan, Turkish, and Edward roses. The floral tenor is sensual and richer than the most masterful soliflores but exalted further by the musk.
All the while Sambac looms regally on top, adding to the complexity of the heartnotes, rendering them into a delicious blend of pepper and spice. It is a jasminized spicy and musky carnality that comes for you whether you like it or not.

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Specification: Sultan Musk Attar Perfume Oil


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