Sir Winston Extrait de Parfum

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Sir Winston Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Bortnikoff. The notes of this fragrance are Green Tea, Tuberose, Ambergris, Tobacco Absolute, Vanilla, Indonesian Bouya (oud)

Sir Winston Extrait de Parfum
Sir Winston Extrait de Parfum


To pay tribute to a man of globe-spanning accomplishment, a fragrance of ordinary ingredients and vision just wouldn’t do. Sir Winston, we’re pleased to report, is no ordinary fragrance. Rather, it is a dynamic blend of some of the world’s most exquisite ingredients, including real ambergris, rich tobacco, and an unparalleled specimen of Indonesian Bouya oud oil. The effect is a fragrance that celebrates the rugged, uncategorizable, self-determined man- a scent of strength and adventure.
Sir Winston is unique right from the start, as a combination of smooth green tea and a possibly unlisted boozy note combine to deliver the rich, sweet, bracing kick of a tumbler of exquisite brandy. Warm, sun-kissed ambergris softens the rougher edges of a raw tobacco absolute, imposing and regal, while precious Indonesian oud meets vanilla for a mouthwatering yet sensual animalism. Not every man (or woman) can pull off Sir Winston, but that’s on purpose- those who can are surely already part of a rare and impressive cohort.

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Specification: Sir Winston Extrait de Parfum


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