Shiragoromo Parfum

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Shiragoromo Parfum is a fragrance by Di Ser. The notes of this fragrance are Agarwood, yuzu, jasmine sambac, rose


Shiragoromo is an amalgamation of two words, shira (meaning white) and goromo (meaning cloth). White is a sacred color in Japan, even appearing as the main color on the Japanese flag, because it stands for purity and childlike innocence. The fragrance itself also smells clean and pure. Predominantly a simple, natural blend of bright yuzu and earthy green woods, Shiragoromo manages to give the feel of a sun-dappled citrus grove that is nonetheless clearly a Japanese citrus grove.
The opening is both sweet and medicinal – oranges and yuzu with the antiseptic bitterness of green aloeswood lurking directly beneath. The purity of the Di Ser approach to perfumery shines through strongly here and great thought has been given to the balance of all five taste elements of Japanese culture: sweet, bitter, sour, pungent and salty. It takes a long time for the floral elements to break free of the grip of medicinal yuzu and earthy woods, but finally a clean, radiant white jasmine steps out into the clearing. That the flower feels like an extension of the citrus and woods is testament to both the skill of the perfumer and the delicacy of the jasmine oil used here. If you like the idea of white flower petals filtered through damp, earthy green woods and exuberant citrus, then look to Shiragoromo. It’s the rare white floral that doesn’t actually behave or smell like one; glimpsed at an oblique angle and shaped into something new by the other materials, Shiragoromo feels like a fresh take on a much-traveled theme.

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