Satori Fusho Organic Oud

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Satori Fusho Organic Oud is a fragrance by Ensar Oud. The notes of this fragrance are Thai frangipani, Western wisterias, Japanese green tea

Satori Fusho Organic Oud
Satori Fusho Organic Oud


Frangisteria? might be the best name to describe this oud’s heartnote, a see-through crispness that purrs with Thai frangipani and Western wisterias, infused with gently steeped Japanese green tea. The incense notes are so delicate, richly layered. The top notes are pristine and crystalline. An ethereal kukicha-matcha leaf note that seeps throughout your wear. Upon first whiff, you’d think the fragrance couldn’t get any more clear cut and translucent, but just wait an hour and take another whiff! The scent transforms into a feast of blue gyrinops painted green doused in slow-releasing incense.

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Specification: Satori Fusho Organic Oud


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