Sarrasins Eau de Parfum

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Sarrasins Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Serge Lutens. The notes of this fragrance are bergamot, labdanum, carnation, osmanthus, jasmine, patchouli, castoreum

Sarrasins Eau de Parfum
Sarrasins Eau de Parfum


Rich yet airy and ??clear’, Sarrasins is the sheer silk shawl to La Nuit’s dense buttercream satin. Famously alluring, this scent derives its charm from the juxtaposition of innocence and sensuality. Though the opening is a burst of crystalline jasmine sharpened with a needlepoint of camphor and other mysterious greenery (privet hedge? mint?), its freshness is immediately counterpoised by a smudge of inky indole. Sarrasins is very elegant and very French – a rudely botanical hothouse flower styled and teased up into a chignon.
In the heart, hints of hay and tea give the jasmine a transparency it does not possess in real life. The dry clove-like spiciness of carnation is framed against the crispness of green apples and grapes taken straight from the chiller. Beneath this impression of freshness, however, a sultry osmanthus and castoreum slyly join forces to create a dark, dry apricot leather that smells like skin at the nape of the neck. Sarrasins’ je ne sais quoi emanates from this contrast between a living flower tumbling off a vine and the soft, skin-like suede notes that give it an abstract sophistication. Wear Sarrasins to feel inimitably French.
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