Pineapple Essenza Eau de Parfum

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Pineapple Essenza Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Panah London. The notes of this fragrance are Pineapple, Sicilian lemon, blackcurrant, lily, tonka, patchouli, vanilla, white musk

Pineapple Essenza Eau de Parfum
Pineapple Essenza Eau de Parfum


If the word pineapple makes you feel like you know what’s coming, let us assure you- Pineapple Essenza isn’t another Aventus clone. Instead, it’s a fizzy, fruity, woodsy delight of a unisex cocktail, a dose of flirtatious summertime fun that lovers of unique freshies should take care not to miss. Pineapple Essenza opens with- you guessed it- pineapple, in this instance a note that plays with both the sweet and tart aspects of the fruit, enhanced with a jolt of icy Sicilian lemon and a tangy twist of blackcurrant, giving it chypre-like aromatic qualities without sacrificing an ounce of refreshment. A gently sweet tonka note leads into a smoothly musky-woodsy base, deepening the sophisticated yet straightforward character and ensuring enough depth to make this tropical delight a year-round go-to. Let go of your preconceptions and dive into Pineapple Essenza- thank us for the smile you can’t get rid of later.

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Specification: Pineapple Essenza Eau de Parfum


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