Patiala Extrait

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Patiala Extrait is a fragrance by Thameen. The notes of this fragrance are Citrus, aldehyde, orange flower, rose, moss, amber, musk


Created by Cartier in 1928 for an Indian Maharaja, the Patiala Necklace is an impossibly opulent piece of jewelry at the center of an unsolved mystery. Containing 2,390 diamonds, the necklace disappeared in 1948, only to have bits and pieces reappear at various auctions over the years without explanation. To this day, the disappearance has never been explained. In this spirit of opulence and mystery, Thameen presents Patiala, a shimmering and sophisticated sweet floral too precious to misplace.
Patiala opens with a head-spinning rush of energizing citrus and blinding aldehydes, sparkling with the intensity of its namesake’s centerpiece 235 carat diamond. Yet it wears as comfortably as the necklace might around one who could afford it, with a rich, lush heart of orange flower and rose that anoints the bearer as royalty. A sweet, musky amber glows for countless hours, bathing us in serene reflected light. The original Patiala Necklace has sadly been lost to mystery, never to be experienced in its original glory again. But with this Patiala, we have a pretty good sense of just how it must have felt to experience such luxurious beauty.

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