No. 2 Seve Nouvelle Eau de Parfum

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No. 2 Seve Nouvelle Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Thomas Kosmala. The notes of this fragrance are grapefruit, pink pepper, saffron, champaca, tonka bean, water pepper, patchouli, raspberry, cashmeran, amberwood, labdanum

No. 2 Seve Nouvelle Eau de Parfum
No. 2 Seve Nouvelle Eau de Parfum


Sève Nouvelle is the scent of new sap rising, of boundless energy roiling up and out – a sense of excitement that can no longer be contained. With its opening salvo of pink grapefruit effervescing upwards in a surge of creamy white soap bubbles, this cannot fail to make you smile. A playful raspberry brings a blush to the buttery saffron suede lying just beneath, while the joyous pop of champaca flower makes you think of those clear green shampoos that Wella Balsam made in the 1970’s that were half-woods, half-Granny Smith apple.
This peppery explosion of citrus and flowers fizzes brightly for a while before folding itself into a soft, incensey drydown that’s almost creamy with amber and cashmeran. Sève Nouvelle goes from spiky to fuzzy in one seamless swoop, a soft, raspberry-tinted putty note remaining in place all the way through. While this is a very modern take on fruit, flowers, and suede, a stirring wisp of temple incense in the base gives Sève Nouvelle a stirring sense of the exotic and the familiar all at once.

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Specification: No. 2 Seve Nouvelle Eau de Parfum


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