Moon Bloom Eau de Parfum

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Moon Bloom Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Hiram Green Perfumes. The notes of this fragrance are Tuberose absolute, jasmine absolute, ylang-ylang, coconut aromas, leafy greens, tropical spices and resins.

Moon Bloom Eau de Parfum
Moon Bloom Eau de Parfum


Lush and elegant, Moon Bloom is not just another tuberose fragrance – it’s the gorgeous, completely natural tuberose that makes us wonder why any fragrance wouldn’t be. Demonstrating a complete mastery of natural materials, Hiram Green has created a fragrance that captures all aspects of the flower known as the?mistress of the night, ?? soft and creamy, but also powerfully narcotic. Sparing no expense, Green uses plentiful amounts of tuberose absolute, blending it with a full-bodied, lightly indolic jasmine absolute and a lusciously tropical ylang ylang. Notes of coconut and leafy greens give body and contrast, while hints of tropical spices and resins up the spicy, sexy factor without ever sacrificing the fragrance’s raw beauty. No matter the ingredients, Moon Bloom would be a wonderfully realized tropical tuberose. Considering the all natural composition, it’s a masterpiece.

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