Mizunara Eau de Parfum

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Mizunara Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Parfum Satori. The notes of this fragrance are Galbanum, rosemary, clary sage, lavender, cognac oil, juniper, cypress, patchouli, blue chamomile, labdanum, tulu balsam, sandalwood

Mizunara Eau de Parfum
Mizunara Eau de Parfum


A fragrance inspired by the distinct character of Japanese oak and beech trees spread over a rippling lake deep in the woods, Mizunara is an intriguingly complex combination of aquatic herbal notes and smoky woods that transport you to a hauntingly lovely and ancient forest tableau. At first spray, bright green galbanum fills the senses, like a fresh wind passing across the lake surface, carrying with it the scent of lily pads and pond algae, mixing with the invigorating wild herbs that grow on the ground below- rosemary and clary sage. A sharp lavender sparkles like the light reflecting onto the nearby beech leaves. As the distinctively Japanese wood notes emerge in strength- sharp and stout, with smoky tones- the second meaning of this fragrance emerges. Japanese wood, after all, makes up the barrels that give aged Japanese whiskey their distinctive flavor, and the wood here is cut with sweet, dry cognac oil to evoke the slightest hint of boozy malt beneath the patchouli and resins of Mizunara’s base notes. The cumulative effect is one that should please liquor drinkers and nature enthusiasts alike- a fresh, bright, powerful woods scent, replete with uniquely Japanese character, deep and sophisticated enough for lovers of complex niche, but not without its easy-to-wear charm. In other words, a true fragrant journey the quality of which we’ve come to expect from the always exceptional Parfum Satori.

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Specification: Mizunara Eau de Parfum


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