Keep Glazed Eau de Parfum

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Keep Glazed Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by The House Of Oud. The notes of this fragrance are Frozen lemon, mango, strawberry leaf, chantilly cream, grated coconut, ginger crumble, fruity musk, precious woods

Keep Glazed Eau de Parfum
Keep Glazed Eau de Parfum


Patisserie and perfume- two art forms dedicated to sensory pleasure and indulgence, where skilled execution and artistic vision are equally important if one is to create a masterpiece. Keep Glazed, THoO’s collaboration with Canadian Patisserie’s Ksenia Penkina, is indeed a perfect fusion of talent and technique, as delectable flavours of tropical fruit and rich pastry are blended with a deft and delicate touch, creating a mouthwatering yet complex gourmand scent of rarified sophistication.
Keep Glazed opens with a sumptuous collection of fruit-based notes that reveal their depth in the details- the tart, icy snap of frozen lemon, the aromatic freshness of strawberry leaf, and the juicy tropical energy of wild mango. Chantilly cream stands out beyond an average vanilla note, sweet yet airy, and never cloying as lesser vanillas can be, joining with flakes of coconut and a gently fiery ginger crumble to bring a true dimensionality to this perfectly balanced confection. And even hours later, the softly musky, woodsy base keeps everything humming- sexy, scrumptious, but never showing off. There are many gourmands out there, but few with the careful detail and fruit-forward dynamism of Keep Glazed- and we couldn’t be happier.

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