Jus d’Amour – Perfume oil Perfume Oil

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Jus d’Amour – Perfume oil Perfume Oil is a fragrance by Parfums Mercedes. The notes of this fragrance are coco palm, aqualeaf accord, night-blooming jasmine, violet, Tahitian vanilla, sandalwood, cashmere woods

Jus d’Amour – Perfume oil Perfume Oil
Jus d’Amour – Perfume oil Perfume Oil


A beautiful, grown-up comfort scent – and really, is there anyone who couldn’t use an extra dose of comfort right about now? Jus d’amour opens with coco palm ? sweet, but not cupcake-topping sweet. This is a dark and dusky coco palm, and there is a brief moment when it meets the mysterious and green aqualeaf accord that makes us wonder if we might be headed someplace edgy. Then the most soothing, enveloping woods appear, and it is clear that the place we are headed is the coziest chair in the room, complete with a cashmere throw. We can feel the knots in our neck begin to unwind, as creamy Tahitian vanilla wraps itself around mesmerizing sandalwood. Even the lilting violets and jasmine snuggle into the tranquil blend instead of floating above it. Sophisticated and serene, with a warm, soft sweetness that takes the edge off a stressful day. Just what we needed.

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Specification: Jus d’Amour – Perfume oil Perfume Oil


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