Jasmin 17 Perfume Oil

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Jasmin 17 Perfume Oil is a fragrance by Le Labo. The notes of this fragrance are Neroli, bigarade, jasmin, orange flower, amber, musk, sandalwood, vanilla

Jasmin 17 Perfume Oil
Jasmin 17 Perfume Oil


Now captured in a Perfume Oil. Ideal for sensitive skin and people who love the hedonic gesture. A delicate but persistent smell. Small and convenient for traveling or purse. Use it on your pulse points, on your hair, your beard. The oil scent keeps close to the skin for a long lasting effect.
Jasmin 17, Maurice Roucel’s unashamedly feminine creation for Le Labo, is guaranteed to make you feel pretty, oh so pretty! We know that the number in the title refers to the number of ingredients in the formula, but we suspect that it also has something to do with the fact this rendition of jasmine makes us feel like we are 17 again… no, it does not smell?too young??, it smells beautifully youthful! The radiant simplicity of the blend is what attracts us to Jasmin 17 the most. The pairing of vanilla and the airy jasmine, with its naturally honeyed undertone, is the proof that the most genius ideas are so very simple. The playful sensuality of the blend is enhanced by sandalwood and musk… and by Roucel’s magical touch. Charmant!
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Specification: Jasmin 17 Perfume Oil


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