Hummingbird Extrait de Parfum

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Hummingbird Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Zoologist. The notes of this fragrance are Apple, cherry, citrus, lilac, muguet, plum, rose, violet leaf, honey, honeysuckle, mimosa, peony, tulip, ylang, amber, coumarin, cream, moss, musk, sandalwood, white woods

Hummingbird Extrait de Parfum
Hummingbird Extrait de Parfum


Nectarous honeysuckle and yellow mimosa flutter in the air to the beat of a thousand tiny wings, their honeyed bouquet summoning tiny, extravagant birds to feed. Moments later, crystalline muguet, lilac and peony begin to float around trees heavy with fruit, as birds and insects buzz dizzily in the morning heat.
Hummingbird, Zoologist’s ode to the jeweled avian, is a lovely floral that, like its namesake, is at once sumptuous and ethereal. As it opens, a giddy host of spring flowers swirls around rich honeyed notes. Pears and green plums, dripping with sweet juice, tantalize as Hummingbird’s blooms open in quick succession, each flower’s characteristics instantly recognizable. Alighting on a rich base of sweet amber and white woods in the dry-down, Hummingbird is simply one of the prettiest florals around.

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Specification: Hummingbird Extrait de Parfum


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