Green Gaya Eau de Parfum

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Green Gaya Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by ANFAS. The notes of this fragrance are Anise, cardamom, mango, pear, cedar, milk, liquorice, oud, amber, wood, iris

Green Gaya Eau de Parfum
Green Gaya Eau de Parfum


Bright, fresh, and unashamedly cheerful, Green Gaya whisks us on a journey to a true oasis, where its bounty of succulent fruit and spicy woods is all the richer for the vastness of the desert that surrounds it. Picture an exotic dessert, created from the ripest, juiciest fruits a kingdom could produce- sticky, mouthwatering mango and plump, smooth, gently floral pear, enhanced with a daring dose of sweet cardamom and rich star anise. A delectably creamy milk heart heightens the gourmand delicacy, while a balancing accord of crisp, stout cedarwood and a gentle touch of oud cut through the sweet and creamy notes to provide energy and structure. A warm amber base paired with dry iris suggests the stifling heat just outside of our hideaway, heightening the contrast and enhancing the refreshing vitality.

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Specification: Green Gaya Eau de Parfum


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