Fougere d’Argent Eau de Parfum

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Fougere d’Argent Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by TOM FORD Private Blend. The notes of this fragrance are mandarin, ginger, lavender, cistus, Akigalawood, coumarin Click Here For Ingredients ×Close Fougere d’Argent by TOM FORD Private Blend Ingredients Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.

Fougere d’Argent Eau de Parfum
Fougere d’Argent Eau de Parfum


Fougère d’Argent is a bold reimagining of the classic fougère, a structure that traditionally revolves around lavender, oakmoss, and coumarin. With oakmoss no longer available, Tom Ford has re-worked the model in a provocative manner, substituting moss with Akigalawood, a Givaudan captive derived from patchouli that has a wonderfully spicy, woodsy bitterness. What emerges from Ford’s confident handling is a scent that smells truly masculine ? earthy, herbaceous, and rich, with a radiantly spiced muskiness that billows around its wearer.
If there’s a scent that sums up everything that is great about old-school-meets-modern-cool masculine grooming, then it’s probably Fougère d’Argent. The aromatic topnotes of lavender, ginger, and citrus notes give off a formal Savile Row vibe, with the sort of soapy, minty freshness one expects to emanate from a gentleman wearing an impeccably-tailored suit. Akigalawood stands in most competently for the traditional oakmoss, its spicy, mossy sharpness softened by the buttery labdanum amber tucked away into a corner. What marks out this fougere as a particularly modern twist on an old format is its use of coumarin. Whereas in traditional fougeres, the coumarin adds a dry hay-like grassiness, here the coumarin is taken in a sultrier, more oriental direction, emphasizing the musky sweetness of the tonka bean from whence the coumarin was extracted. Fans of aromatic lavender-tonka fragrances ranging from Gris Clair to Tom Ford‘s own Fucking Fabulous will likely love Fougère d’Argent for its bold updating of the fougere structure, but others appreciate it even more for its total lack of gourmandise. Dry, masculine, and admirably unsweet, Fougère d’Argent is for the man who effortlessly exudes confidence, no matter what he’s wearing or doing.

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