Eternal Summer Eau de Parfum

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Eternal Summer Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Strangers Parfumerie. The notes of this fragrance are Kumquat, neroli, pear, grass, rose, bamboo, gaiac, sandalwood, green tea, oakmoss, vetiver, honeysuckle

Eternal Summer Eau de Parfum
Eternal Summer Eau de Parfum


A green tea field surrounded by a bamboo forest, Eternal Summer takes the summertime theme of Strangers Parfumerie’s latest batch of releases and transposes it to a near-mythical plane with a scent that hides impressive sophistication beneath a nearly ethereal first impression.
On first sniff, Eternal Summer is a blindingly bright and blissful fruity citrus, featuring the unique facets of fresh kumquat and juicy pear. But a moment’s development reveals a gorgeous field of wild green grass, smooth, gentle rose, and a purely lovely green tea note that’s nutty, earthy, smooth, and green, all at once. The bamboo forest surrounding it feels appropriately lush, with the gentle strength of gaiac wood and vetiver bringing all elements back together with the perfect touch of honeysuckle. It’s remarkably easy to wear, but to call it simple would be a mistake- Eternal Summer is, instead, just a perfect summer scent for any green tea lover.

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