Dolls Eau de Parfum

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Dolls Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Moth and Rabbit. The notes of this fragrance are Cherry blossom, geranium, davana, orange blossom, ylang ylang, apple blossom, rose, sweet maple accord, musk, snow flake accord, ambergris, cedar, animalic notes.

Dolls Eau de Parfum
Dolls Eau de Parfum


“A fragrance carried by vivid, extravagant colours and a surrealistic story about uncompromising love: all consuming and bordering insanity. A heavy perfume, based on animalistic notes interrupted by the subtle and light smell of snow; so repulsive in smell, so attractive in colours, so unreal.”
Dolls, a beautifully stylized fever dream of a movie directed by Japanese icon Takeshi Kitano, tackles themes of love, death, sacrifice, and freedom- complex issues that its namesake scent more than lives up to. Dolls the fragrance is every bit as abstract and experiential as its inspiration, delivering extreme but balanced bursts of animalic musks, rich florals, sweet woods, and a fuzzed-out snowflake accord that shrouds the composition in a mysterious cloak of cold freshness. This is not a scent to passively wear out on the town, but a true companion piece to a film that defies easy interpretation but delivers exceptional rewards to those with the soul to proceed. Enjoy it accordingly.

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