Divine Eau de Parfum

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Divine Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Divine. The notes of this fragrance are peach, coriander, gardenia, Indian tuberose, May rose, oak moss, musk, vanilla, spice

Divine Eau de Parfum
Divine Eau de Parfum


When we heard there was a cult fragrance named Divine, we had our doubts. It might be very nice, maybe even lovely, but seriously… divine? That’s a bit presumptuous, isn’t it? Then we tried it and all skepticism vanished. Divine is indeed divine. We can’t think of a better way to describe it. The first whiff is very strong, very French, very opera and pearls. Classic and rather formal. As it warms up, it becomes downright swanky– still sophisticated, but drenched in the glamour of a bygone era: Black Givenchy dresses, long cigarette holders and serious diamonds. Sipping ice-cold martinis with Frank and Dino on a red leather banquette at the Sands. And just then, best of all, there is the amazing and complex drydown, balancing soft peach and superbly fresh flowers with a deep base of oak moss, vanilla, musk and spice. Achingly beautiful, impossible to forget. Not a scent for those who prefer their scents girlish and sugary or simple and unobtrusive. This is for confident, complicated women who are prepared to dazzle. Stunning. Breathtaking. And yes, we’ll say it one more time– simply divine.

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