Comme Un Carrousel Eau de Parfum

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Comme Un Carrousel Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Strangers Parfumerie. The notes of this fragrance are Cola, rum, red wine, red apple, honey, basil, rose, orange flower, cinnamon, coconut, clove, tobacco, vanilla, myrrh, amber, ginger

Comme Un Carrousel Eau de Parfum
Comme Un Carrousel Eau de Parfum


Summertime nostalgia isn’t limited to the innocent bike rides and backyards of pre-adolescence- just as powerfully evocative are the memories (and half-memories) of teenage transgression, the furtive gatherings in cheap hotel rooms and after-dark beaches full of cheap booze, cigarettes, and nervous, hopeful yearning. That’s the smell of Comme Un Carrousel, inspired by the wildness of the beach festival season in Nice, France. It’s an intoxicating swirl of boozy rum and red wine, smoky tobacco, fizzy cola, and fiery spices that creates an undeniable evocation of the giddy highs and emotional depths of young lovers risking it all night after night. Surprisingly complex, deeply nostalgic, Comme Un Carrousel is the best party your 17 year old self ever attended.

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Specification: Comme Un Carrousel Eau de Parfum


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