Charlatan Eau de Parfum

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Charlatan Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Fort & Manle. The notes of this fragrance are Pear, chocolate, perigord truffle, rose, jasmine, osmanthus, vanilla bean, amber

Charlatan Eau de Parfum
Charlatan Eau de Parfum


From our very first encounter, Fort & Manle has blown us away with their ability to tell wonderfully targeted stories with their scents- tales where the fragrances themselves go far beyond “matching the mood” of the copy and become genuine narratives in their own right. Charlatan, a tale of seduction, deception, betrayal, and sin, is by these standards truly a masterwork. Opening with sweetly soft, romantic pear dipped in luscious chocolate, the opening notes evoke a gentle and charming courtship. Even as an element of carnality is introduced via black Perigord truffle, it builds into a passionate symphony of Damascene rose and a lush supporting floral cast, a flirtation exploded into a full-blown romance. Only as a deeply earthy amber and surprisingly spicy sandalwood enter the picture do we see the twist- an element of danger has saturated our storybook, and the elaborate bouquet may contain poison at the center. But then again, some lovers thrive on the edge. Sweet and soft, dark and dangerous, Charlatan is an incredibly creative scent that you’ll enjoy experiencing as much as those around you.

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Specification: Charlatan Eau de Parfum


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