Capua Eau de Parfum

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Capua Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Electimuss. The notes of this fragrance are Elemi, cedar, vetiver, amber, kashmir wood

Capua Eau de Parfum
Capua Eau de Parfum


Perfumare is Latin meaning “to smoke through”, the origin of the word perfume. The ancient art of perfumery was revered and refined by the Romans and Capua was the heart of the perfume industry.
Seductive and spicy, this smoky wood scent uses rare and exotic ingredients gathered across the Silk Road from west to east. Medicinal elemi sets us in an almost narcotic trance, while robust, old-growth cedarwood feels smoky and aromatic. Earthy and smoky vetiver also enhances the rugged mystery of the fragrance, before a sensual cocoon of ambered cashmeran brings it all back together, ensuring that the intensity is balanced with a touch of sensual elegance. For smoky fragrance lovers who want something as dignified as it is imposing, Capua is a treasure. What We Think Richly smoky with a sweet and velvety texture, this smoky scent is more “luxurious” than “campfire.”

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Specification: Capua Eau de Parfum


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