Cactus Azul Eau de Parfum

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Cactus Azul Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Fueguia 1833. The notes of this fragrance are Cactus flower, cedarwood, nanah mint

Cactus Azul Eau de Parfum
Cactus Azul Eau de Parfum


In a garden facing the sea of Uruguay, a Cactus Flower discovers a corner to feel the soft coat of a sunbeam. Many fragrances are described as “fresh, ” but that doesn’t mean any old fresh scent possesses the kind of invigorating crispness that puts a buzz in your step and a smile on your face. Cactus Azul, a delightful new offering from Fueguia, delivers all that and more, with a uniquely mouthwatering composition that blends floral, herbal and woody elements for a lighter-than-air fragrance with surprisingly sexy substance. Clean, heady cactus flowers evoke high-desert romanticism, while a mouthwatering note of nanah mint (spearmint) shifts our gaze oceanside. Cedarwood, fresh, sharp and smooth, gives backbone and a gently masculine touch. If any old generic fresh fragrance is all you’re looking for, this might not be the scent for you. But if you want a fresh, vibrant scent that can truly turn heads, Cactus Azul is an undeniable treasure.

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Specification: Cactus Azul Eau de Parfum


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