Borneo Oud Pure Oud Oil

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Borneo Oud Pure Oud Oil is a fragrance by Fragrance du Bois. The notes of this fragrance are 100% pure oud

Borneo Oud Pure Oud Oil
Borneo Oud Pure Oud Oil


While superior quality oud shines through in any blend of ingredients, a truly extraordinary specimen is like a single-malt or an outstanding varietal in that it really ought to be experienced on its own. Borneo Oud is a pure oud oil, organically and sustainably sourced from Southeast Asia and aged over 4 years, distilled into a sprayable oil that showcases the depth and sophistication of this rarified oud- spicy and rich, yet vibrant and green. It’s substantial enough to wear beautifully on its own, but also the perfect oud to layer, with a versatile drydown that balances animalic warmth and invigorating freshness. A true example of Fragrance du Bois’ brand ethos of “luxury with a conscience, ” this exquisite, sustainably organic oud is a must have for all oud aficionados.

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Specification: Borneo Oud Pure Oud Oil


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