Bois d’Ascese Eau de Parfum

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Bois d’Ascese Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Naomi Goodsir. The notes of this fragrance are tobacco, whiskey, cinnamon, amber, cistus labdanum, oakmoss, smoked cade wood, Somalian incense

Bois d’Ascese Eau de Parfum
Bois d’Ascese Eau de Parfum


A meditative swirl of serene incense, intensified by smoked wood. At first, this brings to mind a stark, secluded chapel and a life of plain and simple pleasures. But as it develops, notes of whiskey, tobacco and cinnamon begin to shimmer through the incense, and you start to think that perhaps these pleasures won’t be quite so plain, after all. If you have ever enjoyed a fine Islay Scotch whiskey, such as Lagavulin or Laphroaig, you are familiar with the way the intricacies of smoke and moss add a complicated and enigmatic appeal ? harsh and medicinal one moment, mesmerizing the next. The layers of smoked cade wood, oakmoss and whiskey have a similar effect here, as bracing jolts of smoke morph into the airy tranquility of incense, keeping us endlessly intrigued and hopelessly addicted. A starkly elegant fragrance that puts us in a trance.
All Naomi Goodsir Parfums include an atomizer spray.

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Specification: Bois d’Ascese Eau de Parfum


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