Autoportrait Eau de Parfum

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Autoportrait Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Olfactive Studio. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, elemi, Siam benzoin, incense, musks, oak moss, cedar, vetiver

Autoportrait Eau de Parfum
Autoportrait Eau de Parfum


You’d think a photographer asked for a self-portrait would supply his likeness. Yet when Céline Verleure, the owner of Olfactive Studio, reached out to Luc Lapôtre for a photographic fragrance brief, he offered a dream-like skyscape where a tiny, solitary figure walks under what looks like the sky reflected in a pool of water.
To translate this meditative image into scent, the great Nathalie Lorson based her composition on age-old sacred resins: benzoin and incense. Autoportrait is a quiet, serene blend with a perfect balance of dry woodiness and soothing cuddliness (supplied by the milky vanilla facets of benzoin). Amazingly addictive yet deeply soulful, this seemingly simple scent keeps unfurling subtle facets, like ripples expanding on the surface of a lake.

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