Aqaysos Eau de Parfum

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Aqaysos Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Pierre Guillaume Paris Black Collection. The notes of this fragrance are Lime, coriander, blackcurrant, sansho berry, woods, musks, cocoa beans

Aqaysos Eau de Parfum
Aqaysos Eau de Parfum


What is the scent of crystalline wood? This concept, of the strange geometry that might exist somewhere between nature’s most versatile material and one of it’s most fascinatingly exact, is what inspired Pierre Guillaume to create Aqaysos, a scent which casts a fascinatingly illusive prism that alternates between spicy, fruity and woody notes. The result is an elusive, versatile and sneakily powerful fragrance that wears like a suave, modern, and refreshing take on a certain wildly popular fruit-inflected masculine.
Which isn’t to say Aqaysos is another dull Aventus knockoff. In fact, quite the opposite- while the juicy, explosively fresh lime and bergamot opening is sure to delight, it’s cut with an aromatic dose of coriander, lending a metallic quality to it, at once mathematically precise and yet intriguingly otherworldly. A unique heart of little-used sansho berry, with its lemon-peppery spiciness, adds fiery depth to the sweet, juicy blackcurrant. And growing ever stronger as it dries, a robustly woodsy and musky base is given subtly bitter power with a dose of cocoa bean, which asserts itself in unexpected rhythms. Lovers of fresh, fruit-and-wood driven masculine scents will surely find a new go-to with Aqaysos. But this fascinatingly complex crystal palace hides secrets all its own.
A first for the Huitieme Art collection, Aqaysos is presented in a unique “Shadow Flacon, ” with the iconic Parfumerie Generale silhouette blacked out by an interior ceramic coating.

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