2015 Le Phenix Eau de Parfum

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2015 Le Phenix Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Les Bains Guerbois. The notes of this fragrance are Ginger, cardamom, patchouli, cedar, papyrus, incense, musk, amber

2015 Le Phenix Eau de Parfum
2015 Le Phenix Eau de Parfum


“In Paris, nothing disappears, and everything can come back to life.”It’s with this sentiment that the legendary Les Bains once again steps out onto the scene. Having lived as a beloved spa and gathering house, then a world-famous party spot, then a luminary artists’ retreat, its newest incarnation is a fusion of them all- a boutique hotel, a spa, a club, a waypoint. The full history of this magical locale is laid out in Le Phenix, with the rich scent of a majestic firebird rising from old ashes- fiery ginger and cardamom set the scene, while a smooth cedarwood heart projects strength, integrity, and tradition. Most of all, a bright, rich incense permeates throughout the fragrance, exuding ethereal beauty, timeless power, and warm spirituality. When you wear Le Phenix, you look forwards and backwards simultaneously, reverent towards the history of this grand place, but charging forwards in pursuit of new adventure and achievement. Le Phenix is a scent for those in perfect harmony with the eternal pleasures and rewards of the City of Light.

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Specification: 2015 Le Phenix Eau de Parfum


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