1900 L’Heure de Proust Eau de Parfum

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1900 L’Heure de Proust Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Les Bains Guerbois. The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, blueberry, grapefruit, violet, black tea, Tuscan leather, mate, gaiac, praline, vanilla, amber

1900 L’Heure de Proust Eau de Parfum
1900 L’Heure de Proust Eau de Parfum


1900, the height of La Belle Epoque. Legendary author Marcel Proust and a cherished confidante retire to the bains sulfureux for a day of elaborate pampering- steam, massage, and a grand tea service to while away the private hours. The delicacies enjoyed in these intimate moments make up the magical scent of 1900 L’Heure de Proust. Our service begins with the exquisite fruits used to flavour the tea, tart, bright grapefruit and lusciously juicy blueberry, set against the smoky richness of pure black tea and the refined leather upholstering the private couch to where our subjects have retired. The unisex freshness of violet perfumes the wood-panelled room, while a tray of mouthwatering desserts- sweet pralines and creamy vanilla cake- beckon our indulgence. The scent is gorgeous, delightful, masculine and feminine intertwined- far from scandalous, but equally far from innocent. Indeed, when naming a scent for Proust, the bar is raised- and we’re delighted to say that 1900 L’Heure de Proust is evocative enough to inspire a masterpiece of your own.

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Specification: 1900 L’Heure de Proust Eau de Parfum


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