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Diorshow Fusion Mono by Dior

Diorshow Fusion Mono by Dior
Diorshow Fusion Mono by Dior

Christian Dior founded the fashion house of the same name in 1947. The Dior style, which symbolizes the revival of the post-war period, is elegant and feminine. Very quickly, success is there mainly after the “New Look” style which reinvents the feminine wardrobe. After a first great olfactory success “Miss Dior”, always very popular, Christian Dior achieved great successes such as “J’Adore, Sauvage, Poison” or “Dior Homme”. From 1969, the Dior make-up line combined luxury with modernity. Here, Dior presents Diorshow Fusion Mono Miroir.

Diorshow Fusion Mono Mirror

Diorshow Fusion Mono Mirror is therefore a professional make-up. The latter has a texture with a so-called “material-free” finish that merges with the eyelid and dresses it in a velvet color. In a simple gesture, it recreates the intense and homogeneous matte effect of a real professional makeup. Its texture is actually a very light and particularly airy “gel-mousse” texture. As a result, your eye makeup is ultra-fine and velvety as you wish. For a perfect application, it is advisable to take the texture delicately by light touches, using the applicator. Diorshow Fushion Mono Mirror Dior offers you two applications for two different effects.
For a soft fusion: applied with the finger, the texture melts and stretches for a light color result.
For an intense fusion: applied with a brush, the material intensifies to reveal color and mattness in its pure state.
Each of the 6 shades offers a unique shimmering color.

As a professional makeup, Diorshow Fusion Mono Mirror is a shadow that features a texture that truly merges with your eyelid. Thanks to its “gel-mousse” texture, the shimmering colors of Diorshow Fusion Mono Miroir leave the reflection of perfect makeup on your eyelids.