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Chanel Dimensions

Chanel Dimensions
Chanel Dimensions

A true symbol of French elegance, the house of Chanel has survived the ages by adapting to different fashions. By wearing the clothes of the brand or by applying make-up with its cosmetics, it is the whole philosophy of the house of Chanel that we espouse, namely independence, elegance and simplicity. “Chanel Cosmétique” is committed to its customers to provide them with makeup and care products, ultra sophisticated and refined, in accordance with their requirements as a contemporary woman. The beauty of women is enhanced by cosmetics at the cutting edge of technology. Here, the house of Chanel presents its “Chanel Dimensions Mascara”.

high-tech makeup with Chanel Dimensions Mascara

Chanel “Chanel Dimensions Mascara” is a mascara that goes straight to the point. Length, curve, definition, volume and care… It offers absolutely everything you need to harmoniously open your eyes and reveal all their beauty. Its intuitive bottle brush and its creamy texture will facilitate the application of your makeup. Its formula does not run and its hold is extremely long. Its formula contains a paraffin wax with elastic properties for the length as well as film-forming agents which coat the eyelashes and fix the curve provided by the movement of the brush. The formula of “Mascara Dimensions” is also a combination of 4 waxes and nylon beads for the volume effect, a derivative of lupine extract that nourishes the eyelash, as well as hydrophobic agents that allow your mascara to resist humidity as well as perspiration. Tested under ophthalmological control, your Chanel mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes, even for contact lens wearers.

Chanel Mascara Chanel Dimensions, usage tips

In order to get the most out of your Chanel “Dimensions Mascara” , it is advisable to place the brush flush with your lashes, then stretch to the tip with a slight zigzag movement. Use the tapered end of the brush to reach the small lashes. Finish with the lower lashes. Your makeup intensifies with each stroke of the brush thanks to the flexibility of its formula. To optimize this result, it is recommended to apply the Chanel “Beauty Eyelash Mascara Base”.

Chanel Mascara Dimensions by Chanel is a mascara that gives your eyelashes a magnificent curve as well as excellent hold. Enlarged, your gaze is deep and ready to assert its strength …