Berdoues: Peony & Rhubarb, a refreshing fragrance in the 1902 collection

Berdoues: Peony & Rhubarb, a refreshing fragrance in the 1902 collection
Berdoues: Peony & Rhubarb, a refreshing fragrance in the 1902 collection

Peony & Rhubarb, a newcomer to Berdoues’ 1902 collection

Berdoues is the name of one of the greatest French families, just like that of a world famous perfume brand. For four generations, the Berdoues family has transmitted to us its unique know-how and its love for the finest raw materials. The history of the brand began in 1902, in the heart of Toulouse, thanks to Pierre and Guillaume Berdoues. To pay homage to their ancestors, just like on the founding date of this great name in perfumery, Berdoues has decided to create a collection of perfumes called 1902. Today, the latter is enriched with a new reference. : Peony & Rhubarb.

Peony & Rhubarb, a light and feminine fragrance

Peony & Rhubarb is a very modern and refreshing fragrance intended for women. Its rhubarb note gives it all its originality, marvelously marrying floral accents with a few more fruity and tangy nuances. In fact, through this fragrance, Berdoues wanted to evoke the lightness and purity of the morning dew. Peony & Rhubarb from Berdoues begins with a bitter and lively alliance of rhubarb and grapefruit. These two ingredients are immediately softened by the more fruity and exotic roundness of lychee. Then, the femininity of the Peony & Rhubarb fragrance is fully expressed in a floral heart. The rose and the peony are sublimated by a sweeter and vanilla magnolia. Cedar and amber, in turn, complete the whole with a veil of exquisite softness.

The timeless and floral bottle of Peony & Rhubarb

Pivoine & Rhubarb comes in a 100 ml spray bottle, the silhouette of which is common to all the perfumes of the 1900 collection: its glass bottle takes the form of a thick cylinder, in which a feminine pink juice is revealed. . The latter is also belted with a red ribbon, while wearing a classic and imposing white embossed label. To qualify the whole thing, a more modern chrome cap overhangs the whole. Pivoine & Rhubarb is presented to us in a white cardboard box, on which are penciled several peony flowers.

1902, a collection of noble perfumes inspired by Eaux de Cologne

Like all the perfumes of the 1902 collection, Pivoine & Rhubarbtakes us back to the history of Berdoues, and more broadly to that of French perfumery in general. In fact, it is a composition very inspired by the Zaux de Cologne of yesteryear. However, until the beginning of the last century, before perfumery was revolutionized, men and women almost exclusively perfumed themselves with Eaux de Cologne. In the collective unconscious, it is therefore a very important scent. Berdoues’ 1902 collection is named after the brand’s creation date. It is a question here of giving thanks to all the know-how of the Berdoues family. Pivoine & Rhubarb is a fragrance that emanates from precious expertise, from an art that has successfully survived the ages, without ever taking a wrinkle.

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